Handspun Baby Shoes


A lovely family from our church welcomed their second child, so the children and I took them dinner yesterday evening (well, afternoon, really…) Thought we’d include a little something for Baby Nicolas.   How about ribbon-tie baby shoes?  (Yes, I realize that’s a thumb in the bottom of the picture.  Please just ignore it.  I wasn’t up for photo-shopping.)

I know they aren’t the most practical gift, but there’s just something about baby booties – they are my favorite thing to knit, they make a good keepsake, and they’re small enough that I can utilize some of my spindle-spun yarn.


These are a merino/mohair blend that was a dream to spin.  I love how setting the twist (scroll down toward the bottom) added a lot of loft to the yarn and brought out its mohair halo.  I purchased the roving at a Spin-In on the Central Oregon Coast over a year ago, and wish I had gotten more than 2 oz!  (The white accent yarn I spun from a mystery-breed sheepswool roving that Fredda at the Yaquina Fiber Arts Guild gave me).

There are a whole bunch of babies soon to be born at church and in our homeschool co-op, so there will be lots more bootie knitting in the coming weeks!

7 Responses to "Handspun Baby Shoes"

  • hand-spun…i had no idea! just absolutely beautiful. we are honored to receive such a gift! and my girl pretends to spin almost every day. we’d love to know more!

  • Kortney – I bet she could learn on a drop spindle – or at least play at it – I saw little teensy spindles at a fiber fair for making lace-weight yarn, but I bet a child could use them. My girls can handle my smaller spindle…Congrats again on your beautiful boy!

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