January Garden Slumber

This is what gardening looks like in Western Oregon in January. I’m trying to finish shoveling a giant pile of mulch off my driveway.  I’m down the last couple of yards, and even though it was 38 degrees and raining out, today was the day when I had room in my schedule to work on it.  So, I got to work. Most of the garden is asleep in January, but I still make the rounds of all my perennials every week to check on them.  Each one gets a visual inspection for weather/rodent damage, disease, state of dormancy, etc. The

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Snow Day Knitting

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along today.  We’ve had what my eldest calls “knitting weather” the last few days – it’s been icy, and you just want to hide under a blanket and knit, knit, knit. The last few days we’ve had snow, followed by ice and more ice which made the roads undriveable.  The kids initially did a lot of sledding and playing outside until the falling snow turned to ice and everything became a dangerously slippery mess. The backyard garden isn’t much to look at, but I put out some seed for the birds and within minutes

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Top Bar Lip Balm

It’s dark so early now, I have plenty of time for indoor projects – this weekend it was making up a batch of lip balm for Parkrose Market. Our lip balm is called “top bar” because we are top bar beekeepers, and the honey in our balm is from our bees. As someone who is outside, working in windy rainy weather on a daily basis, I need a lip balm that will soothe and heal chapped lips and offer good protection.  I so make Top Bar Lip Balm with beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut butter to moisturize lips and

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Hats and History Lessons

Joining Small Things this morning for her Yarn Along.  I’ve been knitting up a storm in preparation for craft bazaars  later in the month, but took a break from those projects to make a little hat, on request, for Bea.  I have an abundance of odds and ends of grey wool, and she requested a grey hat with a sunshine on it, so it seemed like a perfect chance to use up those little balls of wool. Bea is very interested in pre-Civil War history and instead of reading while I knitted and needle-felted her hat, we watched The Abolitionists on American

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Beeswax Polish Kits

Introducing our new line of Beeswax Wood Polish and polish kits!  Made with local beeswax from natural beekeepers and sweet orange oil, our polish protects and conditions wood, and is safe for children. Natural wooden toys, bowls, and furniture need to be buffed with polish a few times a year to keep their shine and prevent over-drying and cracking.  In Waldorf education, children take responsibility of their possessions through The Practical Arts:  this is where children are given child-like versions of adult responsibilities in order to master skills, increase independence and confidence, and prepare for adult life.  Kids learn to care

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