Creamy Polenta Dinner

We finished this book, but the girls’ interest in all things relating to “life on the prairie” has yet to wane.  Firecracker had been asking all through the book, “What does salt pork taste like?”, so when we were in the area, we decided to visit the butcher at our local New Seasons to find some. He didn’t exactly have salt pork, but recommended some locally made bacon that was very salty, not sweet, and contained no nitrites or dyes.  He said it tasted very different from packaged bacon – much more like salt pork.  We ended up buying the bacon ends,

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Christmas Book Table

Our nature table takes a little respite during the Christmas season.  First, it is our book table, and then, our Christmas tree’s home (the books transition to a basket on the floor underneath).  The nature table will reappear in late winter.  Many of the girls’ Christmas books are at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Florida, where we will spend Christmas.  At our home, along with some library books, the December issues of their favorite magazines, and our books of Advent readings, are a few books that I believe are many families’ Christmas favorites. I loved these books so much as

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Some dear friends from college recently surprised the girls with Fairy-Opoly.  Could they have picked a more perfect gift for little girls who are a wee bit fairy-obsessed and love to play board games with their Daddy?  Super gift!!! The girls played all morning, only pausing occaisonally to ask me to clarify the rules.  They nicely took turns, rolling to see who goes first, and playing calmly and orderly (I could hardly believe it – no fussing over who gets the “daisy” game piece, or who goes first, or who gets to shuffle the deck.  Yay, girls!)  Little Hen got an

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Apple Sauce Cranberry Cake

This is my favorite baking book.  My mother gave it to my husband for Christmas one year when we were still dating.  I bake from it at least once a week.  After Martha, it’s my old standby for great recipes (A Little Warning: I have found several recipes that did not work out well the first time, and needed quite a bit of tweaking, so my book is full of notes and corrections.  If you’re not an experienced baker, this book may disappoint because your recipe may not rise or set or fit in the pan, or may be too

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Meadowlarks on the Prairie

  We are continuing to work our way through the life of Laura Ingalls, and today we reached the following passage in Little House on the Prairie: “The rising sun was shortening all the shadows.  Hundreds of meadow larks were rising from the prairie, singing higher and higher in the air.  Their songs came down from the great, clear sky like a rain of music.  And all over the land, where the grasses waved and murmured under the wind, thousands of little dickie-birds clung with their tiny claws to the blossoming weeds and sang their thousands of little songs.”   (This photo in

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Wishing you a snuggly afternoon, full of stories and children’s sweet voices.

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