Backing up, and the joys of computer ownership.

Hello All, I am Trish.  I will be your guest author today and I want to talk to you about backing up your computer and the joys of owning a computer. First off, who am I? I am one of Angela’s friends whom she has known since about 8th grade. When Ang went off to her College, We held tight our friendship and we tried to keep in contact as much as two people just out of high school can. Usually these bits of contact involved me trying to help her with her computer problems. Today, this relationship continues.  I

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Asking for your patience.

  Please continue to bear with me.  I have some yummy recipes, LOTS of knitting, and some fun homeschool crafts and books we’ve been exploring that I am excited about sharing, but we’ve all been under the weather, my youngest has been quite ill and we are trying to buy our first house this week.  Posting may be infrequent for a few weeks, but I hope to be back to regular posting soon.  I hope you are surviving February and enjoying the lovely, talented women (and a few men) that have blogs I have linked to in my sidebar.


My apologies on the recent lack of updates.  We’ve been struck by chest cold after tummy bug after chest cold.  Also, my card reader decided to up and die on me, so I can’t upload any photos.  And we’re in the middle of house hunting.  Life is kinda crazy, to say the least.   I hope to have us all well and my gadgets cooperating and get back to posting very VERY soon.


My favorite vacation desination – the beautiful sandy beaches of Sanibel, FL.  The shelling is the best in the world, and the water is clear and warm.    We spent our time making a “beach fairy sand castle”, collecting sea shells, watching shorebirds.  The girls also went kite flying with their Grandpa.   Wishing you a day just as sun-filled and relaxing.

Little Things

Some little things that have added beauty to my day: A handmade, fair trade leather ring from 10,000 Villages here in Ft. Myers. A startling little pitcher plant growing right outside my parents’ front door.   And most of all, a teensy fairy that Little Hen made for me.


    My apologies for the long absence.  We are settled in Florida and have been far too busy enjoying the warm, sunny weather and swimming in the pool to be on the computer. We also celebrated my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday.  Her auntie’s birthday is two days before, so we had a quiet little joint celebration – Little Hen had angel food cake, and my sister had  mayonaise cake, and we all had a really nice evening.    Happy birthday,  Little Hen.  Not so little anymore.  You can read and write, tie your shoes, scramble your own eggs, and you have such big

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Holly Berries

A few more shots from Monday’s card making session.  I kept the holly card for myself.  I couldn’t help it, I love holly, The Holly and The Ivy  is my favorite Christmas song, and this card was too darn cute with the spelling and all.

Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Giveaway

Triple quilt giveawy here!!!

Local Harvest, Local Catch

We used to live on the Oregon Coast, and the girls were used to enjoying dinners of fresh caught salmon or steelhead, and sometimes even elk.  Now that we’ve moved back to the city, those days seem long gone.  The girls were very happy when, last evening, my hubby brought home some freshly smoked, locally caught, NW salmon from one of his students.    Dinner was almost 100% locally produced – the exception being the rice, which was grown in California (so, at least it was all West Coast produced).  We had steamed rice, topped with tomatoes and peas (from our garden), and local

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Blow out the candles on your birthday…pie?

Yesterday was my sweet hubby’s birthday!!  He had requested a beef pot roast with carrots, onion, potatoes (my mom’s recipe, it’s unbelieveably simple and ridiculously tasty) and a side of egg noodles for his birthday dinner (This is a real treat – we only eat meat about one or two days a month, and then usually only a small portion).  We are having cake later today with his family, so I made him a cashew pie (his favorite) for dessert.  Firecracker helped roll out the dough and she did the edging of the crust with a fork all by herself.  Larksong’s Cashew Pie One pie crust (see the

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Grosgrain Giveaway – This dress is gorgeous!!

Grosgrain is having yet another giveaway – this time the dress is just beyond spectacular!  I can’t believe the amazing craftstmanship in this dress (i mean, just look at it!)!  check out the giveaway here.

A Peaceful Moment

Tuesdays lately are a mad dash for us – mornings are coffee out with ladies from church or homeschool group for art-day.  Then, a frantic dash home for lunch, homeschool, the usual housework, and a rush to bake something for our book study at a friend’s house in the evening.  After that, it’s a quick dinner, read the chapter for tonight’s study (because I forgot to read it earlier), a quick bath for the children, and then off to the study.  This afternoon, I had a lot on my mind and a lot to do, but Firecracker asked that I make a pot of tea.  I was feeling

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Not too much

I spent the day sick in bed, snuggled up with Tum-Tum, but Hubby and the girls went out to rake leaves and pine needles in the autumn sunshine, and then buy pumpkins for pumpkin butter  and more fall baking later this week.  DawnatHome and SouleMama had autumn poetry on their minds the past few days, and so have we at our little home school. The girls have especially loved having me read this one over and over: How the Leaves Came Down by Susan Coolidge “I’ll tell you how the leaves came down,” The great tree to his children said, “You’re

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Prairie Girls at the Farmers Market

The prairie girls make another appearance – at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  This time, they went for a more bohemian look, and were determined to sling their babies in some Indian scarves.  We grow most of our own veggies, especially fall ones (kale, beets, broccoli, chard, rutabega, peas, potatoes, turnips, leeks, lettuce, mustard greens, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots…you get the picture), but we do run to the farmer’s market for fruit and things I haven’t managed to put in the garden.  This trip was for butternut and acorn squash, and the last of the peaches for the year. 

My son is an addict.

Tum Tum is the sweetest, easiet baby I could ever ask for.  If all babies were like him, everyone would want 15 kids!  Unfortunately, as of late, he seems to be developing a bad bad bad habit.  Now, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was a thumb sucker, and my parents had a terrible time breaking me of the habit.  The girls never sucked their thumbs, their fingers, a pacifier, or had a security blanket.  I’m not sure how to handle Mr. Happy Finger Sucker.  Any advice?

Busy Days, Simple Dinners

For homeschool, we are exploring the letter “B” this week and butterfly crafts, blowing bubbles, beekeeping books, and butter making abound.   Little Hen suggested that we bake Banana Bread this morning.  I thought a simple dinner of the bread served next to Black Beans with carrots and Brown rice would round out the B theme nicely.  I love the nutty, rich smell of black beans cooking on the stove.  Simple Banana Bread by Larksong 2 large bananas, mashed 3/4 C sugar 2 large eggs 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted and cooled 1 C unbleached flour 1/2 C whole wheat flour 1/2

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Another Fab Grosgrain Giveaway

Grosgrain’s offering another gorgeous girl’s frock giveaway here – this one an adorable blue and white check. Also, I’m loving these blogs’ posts this week – Little Red Caboose Blue Yonder Mom in Madison Five Reds Wool Windings

What to do with all those tomatoes??

Here in Pacific Nortwest, our tomatoes aren’t usually ready until September.  I’ve been reading other ladies’ blogs with so much envy as they enjoy salsa, tomato salad, panzanella, fresh pasta sauce.  Now my beefsteaks are ready, and I’ve been enjoying fresh tomato salad almost every day.  I have Better Boys and Brandywines from my own garden, and Green Zebras and Black Krim’s from a fried.  Throw in a few yellow beefsteaks from my sister and some cherry tomatoes, and i’m in heaven. Easy Tomato Salad Handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half 5 large beefsteak tomatoes, cubed 1/4 lb mozarella,

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Hoarding Tea Cups

I have a weakness for worn old tea cups that no one else wants, especially those with fading designs or teensy chips in the rim.  When i have a cup of tea in one of those cups, I think about what conversations they must have overheard or the comfort they brought on a chilly afternoon.  There’s a special beauty in their aged state and imperfection.  Last week i scored some great tea cups at my local thrift store.  The tea cups were each 50 cents and their mix-n-match saucers were a quarter each!  They’ll enjoy a nice new life at

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Prairie Girls

    Firecracker and Little Hen’s fascination with pioneers and prairie girls began last year when our homeschool group learned about the Oregon Trail for our Oregon History Days.  But lately, their interest in the subject has really blossomed as we read the Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Firecracker wears her bonnet everywhere, and Little Hen is begging me to sew a big, twirly calico prairie skirt.  I forgot how wonderful the Little House books are.  How much they define an important part of childhood, especially for little girls who want to step into Laura’s

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Grosgrain’s Giveaway

Check out Grosgrain’s giveaway here – it’s an uber-cute cowgirl outfit.  Firecracker’s “what i want to be when i grow up” of the moment is a horsefarmer/cowgirl.  Her birthday is on Halloween, and she would love love love to unwrap this little goodie and wear it trick-or-treating!  Fingers crossed!

Summer’s End

Sigh…we had such a beautiful summer.  Today was the first day it actually felt like autumn here in the Pacific Northwest, and i’m a little sad to see days of peach picking and making raspberry jam come to an end.  Peach-raspberry pie with oatmeal crumb topping I’ll just try to look forward to the pear butter, bread baking, and hours and hours of knitting that the short, dark, rainy days to come will allow.

Welcome to Lark Song Knits

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  i’m a knitting-obsessed homeschooling mother of 3 beautiful little children who hopes to count her blessings by using this blog to linger in the joyful, hopeful moments of each day.  Thank you for stopping by.

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