Thrift Store Escape

We were all in a bit of a funk yesterday, after too many days cooped up being sick in our PJs, so we decided to make a run to our favorite thrift store, just down the street.  I was feeling pretty nauseated, and trips out and about are  daunting right now (being sick in public is no fun), and we almost didn’t go, but the kids were begging and begging, and I knew they needed an outing. And let me tell you, I am SO glad they talked me into it – we had our best thrifting expedition ever! Little

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Pieces of our Saturday

A morning spent baking a pecan pie thank-you. An early afternoon spent planting hyacinths and digging earthworms with the girls. A late afternoon of immense blessing – We have been given an enormous maple loom, made right here in Oregon.   We spent about two hours getting it dissassembled, carried up our narrow stairway, and reassembled. It will need a good bath, a shuttle, some new pegs, but it is a beautiful, beautiful thing – an amazingly generous and precious gift.  The girls and I can’t wait to get her in working order and teach ourselves how to weave shawls and

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