On the Oregon Coast

We are home from a weekend yurt getaway to celebrate my husband and our second daughter’s birthdays.  There was a driving rain most of the time, so we skipped the frigid beach in favor of a hike through the woods. Definitely wool skirt, wool socks, heavy shoes kind of hiking weather. As we started out, we came across an open space full of toadstools, most toppled over by the wind (or grouchy gnomes perhaps?). Tucked in under the thick patches of ancient evergreen huckleberries and salal, and sometimes even wandering across the path, were many Rough-skinned newts, with their vibrant

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On the road

Just back from our little road trip to yurt-camp on the coast.  Six hours of blissful spinning this first-shearing raw alpaca fiber while we listened to one of our favorite Arthurian-inspired stories on book CD and watched the driving rain all around us. Back later today to share about our trip, but for now the mountains of muddy, sandy laundry need my attention…as do Halloween costumes…and our geography lessons…More soon.

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