Parkrose Permaculture

Parkrose Permaculture is a permaculture urban farm set on 1/4 acre in Portland, OR.  Angela and Casey started this project 14 years ago with nothing but sod and weeds and have built an abundant permaculture food forest, rain garden, and vegetable gardens.  Parkrose permaculture is home to 6 humans, organic, free-range poultry (ducks, chickens, and turkeys), 2 top bar hives of honeybees, and two rescue standard poodles.

Our work is centered around the 3 Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  While running our permaculture farmette, Angela also runs a YouTube Channel focusing on permaculture design and gardening design.  Every Friday she also hosts a segment called Parkrose Hausfrau, focusing on the domestic skills and ecological living.   We also periodically have workshops, plant sales, and other pop-up sale events.

Some of our current projects:
Parkrose Permaculture YouTube Channel
Parkrose Honesty Farmstand
Parkrose Permaculture FB Page
Parkrose Permaculture on Instagram

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We believe strongly that growing nutritious, organic produce should be an economical, sustainable, community-building, spiritual, and joyful experience.  We believe that the valuable skills and labor of homemakers can help make a more ecological, compassionate, and resilient world possible.

Angela Baker

Angela grew up in a family which valued not only the sciences, but the pursuit of traditional domestic skills such as baking and gardening.

She attended Grinnell College, where she studied biology, her capstone on invasive species’ impacts on songbird migration.

It was in college, while attending a Woman, Food, and Agriculture Network conference, that she learned about permaculture, and was immediately drawn to its holistic design concepts.

While her early adult years of gardening were done in pots on a St. Louis apartment balcony, and then plowing with a tractor on a large rural garden, she eventually resettled to Portland, OR, where she and her family started Parkrose Permaculture on a sunny 1/4 acre. She continues her work there to this day, engaged in experiments in sustainable living and food production, permaculture education, and creating a safe and nurturing home for her husband and four children.

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