The Farm

Welcome to the Farm!
Here you can get to know a little bit about the the things we grow, and live with on our 1/4 property in zone 8B!

Apollo and Athena

Apollo and Athena are our rescue Standard Poodles. They are bonded litter mates and love life on the farm and their kids. 


We have two hives as permitted by our municipality. We use two different types of hives. Our bees were gathered from a swarm in our yard, and out in the neighborhood.


Our food forest consists of many types of trees ranging from Apples, and  Pawpaws, to Hazelnuts and Blackberries


Our flock of heritage breed ducks, chickens, and turkeys is integrated into our permaculture system, where the birds free range in the orchard, producing eggs, reducing pests, and adding fertility.

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